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Jeansonne | December 13, 2017

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An Educator’s Personal-Professional Brand

An Educator’s Personal-Professional Brand


Tonight I figured out how to hack an app icon design. I want to share to get some feedback.  First, why am I playing with all of this ‘webstuff’.

  1. The future of resumes and professional reputation will be online. I don’t want to limit my 6 degrees of geo-spatial networking and opportunities based on gas mileage. 

  2. The internet world is a wide wide multidimensional space where time is both intense and meaningless and reputations are immortal and fleeting.

  3. Sometimes my career seems a bit one dimensional when I am buried in marking. I like the creativity of blogging and the challenge of entrepreneurial design.

  4. I want to experience what my students may need to do ie.. blog, use photoshop..

  5. I want the parents of my students to know who they have as an educator of their children. It is difficult to do that as an online teacher.

  6. The creativity and design resulted in an exploration of my philosophy of education. It had to be both reflective and refractive (cause people to engage with my “brand” /thoughts and share it through their own chromatic universe). I will write a blog about it one day.

  7. I need to write or I feel catonic.  Keeping a brand helps me align what I share and don’t share. It is a bit of filter for my passionate personality and grounds me. (I don’t post everything). 

  8. Someone will inevitable write about me so I want to control what is written rather than letting someone else do that.

  9. I have taught over a 1000 students in my 20 years of teaching but there is little on the net to recognize that. 

  10. I want to be rather unique and a leader through service in my field.

  11. I had to consider a design brief that considered the tone, mood, and metaphor. It was fun using Pintrest and tagging what I resonated with me. I used that to springboard for themes in a photoshoot.

  12. My interests and ideas are a little atypical and I want to be memorably connected to others who have similar interests in design. I feel I can stretch professionally if I go outside of my comfort zone and fellow educators.

  13. I want to build my resume through the categories in a blog and build “evidence” of an effective educator.

  14. I think that our products that we develop as educators as a result many many years of study and many many hours should be our own. I am branding them with my own “stamp” as I share them on my own terms.

  15. I don’t see districts and schools and teachers serving the same role as they do currently once large corporations begin to consolidate many of the administrative tasks. I think teacher developed products will have a special place online.

  16. One of my students had a larger social presence online than I did so I had to step up my game.

I weighed the ‘risk’ of exposure against the darkness of silence. Being a wee bit vulnerable won but I still recognize that I want to keep things safe. 

  1. I keep my phone unlisted

  2. Keep my location safe: I try to make sure that my domain ownership is not searchable. Tag myself with British Columbia and Vancouver. Keep it general. I try to avoid saying where I work or what school I work at. People who meet me at work can search and make the connection from there.

  3. Writing is tough.  Everything is in constant draft mode.

  4. I keep my “professional” brand isolated from my “professional brand for students”. I have another website under construction that I will send my students to. I don’t want to be accused of “exposing” my students to any Yertle the Turtle politics.

I am still working on finding my authentic voice in the brand and my blog as they are a genre that is a bit foreign to me. When do I share? How much? What stories can I tell?  Can I keep it focused and comfortable for me?  It has been an interesting new set of pressures but one that inspires personal and professional growth.  I don’t know how long it will last but it is certainly a new direction for me.

So here is the first draft of the app icon:

designed by me

designed by me





  1. Looks great Bonnie!

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