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Jeansonne | November 21, 2017

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Stop measuring the Car Crash: End Percent

Stop measuring the Car Crash: End Percent
Bonnie Jeansonne

At the moment, the 75% on a report card signals the end of learning. It is like measuring 25% of the car is totalled; we won’t intervene and fix it, but good luck with driving successfully next year.  We also hope that the 75% that remains holds together at the same level until next September

The current assessment and reporting tools is the bottleneck to improvement.  Granted, stakeholders have different needs but let’s look at this from the perspective of teaching and learning rather than reporting.

Traditional software focuses on percent and averages of a way of showing learning rather than actual learning outcomes.

What does a 75% really mean to the Ministry?  Does a parent want to know specifics or just a final grade? What is the culture around that particular percent?  What does a class average mean when the dynamics and composition of a classroom is so diverse?  As an educator, I ask how does a report card percentage or a grade lead to improving learning and teaching?   At the moment, it doesn’t.

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